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“MBA Cars has been a great way to rent a car hassle free and make my transition to INSEAD a little easier. I would certainly recommend it to other students. Neils has been especially helpful in getting the paperwork done and communicated properly. My pick up in Paris was on time with no surprises or gimmicks and the prices are the lowest I have seen."

- Tabrez Rajani, INSEAD Student

“MBA Cars provided me with the most competitive prices! To top off my experience, the team was prompt in replying to all my inquiries and went out of their way to ensure I received the car of my choice! Excellent service, great team!"

- Nour Alkoudsi, INSEAD Student

“You guys have an excellent operation. I don't know what the magic is that goes on behind the scenes, but the whole thing could not have been easier. The time from touchdown to driving out of the parking lot in my brand new car was all of maybe two hours. They picked me up right at the baggage claim and couldn't have been friendlier. As I've met people here, especially all those who bought cars from former students, everyone has been saying, ‘I think I should have done MBACars.com,’ and ‘I wish I knew about that before I bought my own car.’ Kudos to you for setting up such a great business; I couldn't have been happier.”

- Brendan Gotch, INSEAD Student

"My wife and I are still in disbelief at how simple, fast, pain-free, and affordable it is to rent through MBAcars.com. I arrived at CDG with my tired family of five. I filled out simple paperwork, called a van at the airport, showed my passport, and then drove away in a brand-new-from-the-factory car complete with super insurance. Having rented cars all over the world, I can say with confidence that MBAcars.com is the best way to rent a car."

- Paul Kewene-Hite, INSEAD Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director, Entrepreneurship Accelerator

“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing work that you have conducted in starting this small company that has in fact made a huge difference to all of us. The process is really easy and friendly. I literally just had to pick up the car and that was it after filling a couple of papers which in another setting would have been so difficult. I certainly like the car, and the pricing is just great! It is just so good that worth of mouth was inevitable. I told my roomies about it and one of them just went for it! Thanks for the effort! I really appreciate it!”

- Anuar Heberlein, INSEAD Student

“Following an intense and tedious research process regarding short-term lease options in France, I eventually decided to lease a car using MBAcars’ service. I did it within a very short notice (due to time wasted checking other options). The leasing process was straightforward, simple and hassle-free, as was the car delivery, and (very important) - it was done in English with an English-speaking person, which is not the case for other lease options. I was also given a major car upgrade over my original selection for a practically cheaper price! In addition, Renault Eurodrive support center has English-speaking personnel, which makes the interaction with them much easier. All in all, I would recommend any future INSEAD student to do their short-term leasing deal with MBAcars.”

- Niv Liran, INSEAD Student

“We were able to collect our car at Heathrow without any problems whatsoever. You have been fantastic to work with and really helped make the transition to France much simpler -- leasing my car was the smoothest part of my move by far! You've got a great dealer in London, so I'd have a lot of confidence in the service future clients will receive there. The guy who collected us was very personable and very helpful in setting up the GPS for us, showing us how the car worked, and finding us the nearest gas station.”

- Adrienne Minster, INSEAD Student

“I hope your business is going well and you have many customers! I am very satisfied with the service that MBAcars provided me - a complete no hassle experience, just what an incoming MBA student needs - select a car, pick up at convenient location with all documents and insurance, drop it off at the end. Good luck in everything!”

- Daniyar N., INSEAD Student

“MBAcars made my life so easy. Affordable prices, very good cars, and instant service is what made my experience so enjoyable and most of all easy.”

- Bruno Wehbe, INSEAD Student

"MBAcars not only provided me with a car at a great price but the service was excellent. When my car was unavailable at the requested location, I was supplied with a fast and efficient alternative, and Neils was always just a phone call away to sort out any problems."

- Trent Miller, INSEAD Student

“I enjoyed the experience of working with you a lot. It's a great advantage being able to talk to someone that is attentive to and aware of INSEAD students' specific problems. You responded to all our questions and concerns accurately and quickly. On top of it, you were flexible for all last minute changes we wanted to make. Thanks again. It has been a great welcoming to France!”

- Ofer Familier, INSEAD Student

“MBAcars offers brand new cars at reasonable prices, but I was most impressed with the level of customer service offered. They are prompt in their communications, and always look out for their customers. Will definitely rent from them again in the future!”

- Harsha Puwada, INSEAD Student

“MBAcars offered me a practical solution on car rental which enabled me to get a brand new car at a fair price in a trustworthy environment.”

- Bruno Greve, INSEAD Student

 “We're very pleased with our car and very happy we've chosen MBAcars. The price of the Renault Laguna for the year is very competitive and the personal service we've had from you was great.”

- Noa Levy, INSEAD Student

“I thought the whole process was extremely easy and seamless. The car
is even better than what I expected. I would absolutely recommend your service to other students.”

- Olga Pulyaeva, INSEAD Student

“MBAcars made renting a car a breeze.  I compared prices with other services and MBAcars was by far the best option. I was even picked up at the terminal and escorted to the lot.  All in all, my arrival in Fontainebleau was easy and hassle free, thanks to MBAcars.”

- Jake Schonfeld, INSEAD Student

"I am very happy with the service MBA Cars has provided. You helped me to narrow down on the right car for us. We love it!"

- John Renji, INSEAD Student

“My experience with MBA Cars was great and I advise all INSEAD students to deal with them. The main things I liked about their company are the following: 

prompt replies to inquiries, exclusive deals on selected models (I got a full option Laguna at a very competitive price), and very simple booking process.”

- Walid Rizk, INSEAD Student

“If you need a car in Fontainebleau, I strongly recommend MBAcars. You’ll get a brand new car that is fully insured with roadside assistance and a built in navigator at the best price available (rental duration compatible with INSEAD schedule). You are able to settle the contract from abroad and pick up the car at the airport upon your arrival (you sign a Renault contract). The founder is a recent INSEAD grad who understands perfectly the difficulties of your logistics and will help make this process a simple and quick one for you. This service is widely used by INSEAD students.”

- Suzanne Wu, INSEAD Student

“MBA Cars will mislead you into thinking re-locating into Fonty is a walk in the park: online menu of options, helpful English speaking support for questions or even requests for not-listed models, print-fill-sign-scan-email your contract, pick up your car at agreed time. I changed my pick-up time as I had a sudden urge to visit Spain… also easily arranged. Car pick-up took 10minutes (I didn't time it, it could have been less). Cars are brand new, and almost everything is covered by the lease, warranty, or insurance. If only other INSEAD partner service providers could be as smooth and as cost efficient!

- Hatim Alkahily, INSEAD Student

“It's quite easy to book online, which takes only a couple of minutes. Delivery is also convenient; they'll just pick you up at the airport upon arrival. People at the service center are really nice and they speak good English. Above all, the car is excellent and brand new! With all these advantages, the price is still quite competitive.”

- Neo Zhou, INSEAD Student

“I really appreciate your service and the way you handled things. I faced several different issues the past few weeks, such as home phone line, interent services, mobile phone, banking, etc., and though I believe aquiring a car should have been the most complicated task, I can easily say that the process with your service was by far easier than all the others. In addition, the prices were better than the other choices I checked. I will certainly recommend your service to future students.”

- Yossi Pollak, INSEAD Student

“MBAcars has provided me the best package in terms of brand-new car and
top of the line service at the lowest prices. I was able to receive a
brand new Renault Clio complete with GPS. Also, the 24-hour roadside
assistance is another great benefit of this fantastic package. Thanks

- Jimmy Su, INSEAD Student

“MBAcars’ process was straightforward, and they handled all of the paperwork for me. I'm planning on making multiple roadtrips this year to discover France and can now do this worry free.”

- Alexis Hultine, INSEAD Student

“Thank you, MBAcars, for making a car-leasing experience extremely convenient, easy and reliable! Also, I was happy with your super-fast responses!”

- Rabiga Ibrayeva, INSEAD Student

“Entire process could not be easier, and we love driving a new car with unlimited kilometres at a great price.  It has been so much nicer than dealing with the car rental agencies, and the car is much nicer too.”

- Noelle Kahne

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